Competency Management System: Our competency management system guarantees the alignment of organizational goals with human capital. Often times, organizations find it difficult to align the skills possessed by their employees to strategic objectives. Competencies provide a means of translating organizational goals and objectives into behaviours that employees must display for the achievement of the organization’s goals. Competencies can be defined as a set of observable abilities, skills, knowledge, motivations or traits, defined in terms of behaviours needed for successful job performance.

In conjunction with our international partners, we offer a world class competency management system with the ability for end to end talent management with modules for competency definition, performance management, learning and development gaps and resources, etc.

E-Learning Solutions: In conjunction with our technology partners, we deploy e-learning portals for organizations. Our e-learning solutions drive down learning costs significantly and afford access to learning modules to a wide audience for a little fee.

Online testing and on boarding/induction for new employees are deployed via our e-learning portals also. Furthermore, courses that are considered not relevant such as compliance trainings, ethics and anti bribery and corruption trainings are easily delivered via our e-learning portals.

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