Talent Management

Employee Engagement Services: Our employee engagement division offers recruitment, executive selection, headhunting and employee induction services. At Human Resource Associates, we use relevant selection tools to identify candidates that fit into our clients’ businesses. “We place square pegs in square holes”!.

Learning & Development: We offer training solutions and competency enhancement programs in Management, Leadership, Personal Development, Customer Service, People Management and Project Management. In addition to this, we have specialized courses in functional disciplines such as Supply Chain Management, Construction Management, Health, Safety and Environmental management,etc. Our training modules are developed as a learning process and tailored towards identified training needs and/or common training needs across industries and sectors of the economy.

Furthermore, we run open courses with contents that are applicable across all industries. In conjunction with our international partners, we offer learning programs in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world.

Performance Management: Our Performance Management solution is deployed through our popular competency management system.
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Team Performance Solutions: Our Team solution is delivered via our popular and well acclaimed product called “The PerformingTeam”; a teaming solution which we have offered severally to the satisfaction of our clients. Employees do not work in isolation, rather they work in teams. There are several factors that inhibit teams such as varying personalities, belief and culture. The “PerformingTeam” aims to address issues that inhibit performance in specific teams as our teaming solutions are tailored towards each client.

Our approach is in three stages:

  • Team Analysis
  • Team Building Retreat/Management Retreat
  • Post Retreat Follow-up

Psychometric Assessments: The Psychometric Assessment Service from HRA provides independent, objective information about the strengths, weaknesses and potential of individuals assessed. Clients’ employee selection and development decisions can be better informed, employment risks can be managed and opportunities may be identified. Seemingly similar candidates can be differentiated. The development needs of those assessed can be examined in relation to the role in question, the time frame in which the organization would prefer the individual to develop to an acceptable level, and the individual’s aptitude or potential for development.
Our psychometric assessment service is sophisticated in design and implementation, cost-competitive, effective and highly practical.