Consulting & Advisory Services

Change Management: The ability of an organization to adapt quickly to change in the business environment leads to competitive advantage and associated growth. Over the years, we have developed Change Management competencies and we are able to offer structured approach to managing change in organizations ranging from technology change, behavioural change and even cultural alignment. Our approach ensures that changes are smoothly implemented. HRA Change Management service offers a structured approach to organizations for ensuring that changes are successfully implemented with minimal resistance from the stakeholders..

Business Process Re-engineering: Our Process Re-engineering efforts focus on the analysis and design of workflows and processes within client organizations; helping to rethink how operations are executed in order to improve customer service experience, operational efficiencies, and competitiveness. Over the years, we have restructured client organizations by focusing on the ground-up design of their business processes, emphasizing full-scale re-creation of processes or iterative optimization of sub-processes as the case may be.

Enterprise Transformation and Turnaround Management: Our Turnaround Management service is geared to transform small and midsized firms through research induced structural, cultural and technological changes. Our Project Management skills and competencies bridge the gap when there are needs to manage scope execution by other firms within the entire Enterprise Transformation project.

Strategy Development: : We assist our clients to conceptualize, design, implement and monitor strategy in dynamic markets. Our strategy development teams work with clients to identify roadmap options and choose best options for business growth and niche creation.